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How a seal helped create the best dad joke of recent times

It’s hard to know who to be more impressed by – the father or the seal.

It takes a brave youngster to add their parents on Facebook, and when this girl’s birthday came around her father gave a golden example as to why.

Twitter user Raylin Pellatt posted a screenshot of her father Joe’s birthday message – see if you can work out why it’s gone viral.

It’s difficult to know who to congratulate more on that piece of brilliance, Joe or the seal, so perhaps it’s best to just raise a glass to them both.

But wait, there’s more. True to form, Joe apparently was pretty happy with his little joke.

And to be fair he’s right to be happy with himself.

The tweet has over 122,000 retweets and the comments have been nothing but warm.

Whatever Joe has planned for his birthday message to Raylin next year, it’s got a tough act to follow.


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