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Meet Kodi, the cat who acts like a dog

A dog in a cat’s clothing?

For dog people, cats can often seem cold, callous and unresponsive – but little Kodi is here to prove you wrong.

He is one of two cats owned by Rob, a Canadian YouTuber who creates fitness videos, and in his latest video it’s pretty clear Kodi is a pretty responsive cat. Who’s a good boy?

Rob said he made the film over a number of months, but that Kodi’s responsiveness isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

“This is definitely normal behaviour for him as he’s a very love-motivated cat and always wants to be petted or cuddled,” Rob, from Toronto, told the Press Association. “I didn’t train him at all, at least consciously.”

Despite Rob’s success on YouTube – he has almost 50,000 subscribers to his channel Muscle and Mat – it’s his two felines Shorty and Kodi who are the real stars, with more than 228,000 subscribers to their channel.

Why, you wonder? Well, Kodi has been quite the character ever since he was a kitten – if ever there was a cat for people into dogs, this is the one.

“He’s very playful and loving and is definitely contrary to the typical independent and aloof stereotype of cats,” said Rob.

Before you go thinking we’ve forgotten about Kodi’s partner in crime Shorty though, who is a few years older than him, think again.

Shorty is quite the star herself – though admittedly with a little bit of a dark side…

So what does the future hold for Shorty, Kodi and Rob?

“I’m focusing on my fitness channel more right now but showing the cats more as people seem to get a kick out of seeing the kitties,” said Rob.

“But generally, my cat channel will continue to show that if you make sure your cats are loved, confident, and feel safe, their true personalities will come out, and they’re the most entertaining and lovable companions.”

This guy.

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Dogs? Who needs ’em.

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