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MPs have had new portraits taken and they’re inspiring some seriously funny fan-fiction

It was inevitable.

Almost every member of parliament recently took part in a photoshoot with renowned portrait photographer Chris McAndrew.

Over 15,000 individual images were shot following the swearing-in ceremony after the snap General Election, with 90% of MPs photographed during the first round.

McAndrew has worked with everyone from Snoop Dogg to the likes of Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart, and the results with *ever so slightly* less glamorous subjects were just as impressive.

(Chris McAndrew)

The idea came from Parliament’s new digital services editor-in-chief Carrie Barclay, who wanted to “give greater emphasis to the human side” of Westminster.

The images are up on the new beta parliament website, but you needn’t look further than Twitter to see that Barclay and McAndrew’s vision has been successful.

It started with this tweet from a BBC reporter, who definitely spotted some human emotions in Tory MP James Duddridge’s face.

Next up was the MP for Wyre and Preston North, who’s barely hiding his annoyance.

McAndrew’s shot of Brexit secretary David Davis was was begging for a caption.

And they just kept on getting better.

It’s fair to say some of the portraits, all of which can be found and downloaded on the beta website, are definitely endearing.

Ken Clarke’s portrait was particularly striking, and inspired a few people.

Barry Gardiner struck his sassiest pose. But Esther reckons he’s hiding something.

Amazingly, until this point nobody had mentioned one of parliament’s most meme-able politicians. But fear not.

Theresa May’s image is yet to appear on the new site, but to continue the fan fiction adventure yourself head over there anyway.

There are some corkers, and Barclay and McAndrew definitely seem to have achieved their goal.


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