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Passer-by saves disorientated dolphin stuck in shallow water

A crowd started to gather on the beach to watch before a local man strode into the sea to help.

A local man rushed to the aid of a dolphin which was trapped in the bay in Weymouth.

Footage of the incredible rescue – filmed by Tim Newton, the owner of Weymouth restaurant Al Molo – shows the moment a passer-by strode into the sea to help the struggling animal, as crowds started to gather on the beach.

Newton said the man helped get the dolphin a short distance out to sea at first, but it came back out to shore. So the brave rescuer walked out further into deeper water, eventually successfully guiding the animal back out to the depths of the ocean where it belongs.

Posted by Al Molo on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

While it’s not unusual for dolphins to make a little trip into Weymouth harbour for a swim around, this particular animal came too close and got disorientated – Newton added he had never seen one come this close before.

According to an expert, the dolphin may have been so shallow because it was sick or injured.

But luckily, there was help on hand for the dolphin, leaving a happy crowd on the beach (and one very soaked rescuer).

Hopefully, the animal will get back to full health and stay far away from the harbour in the future.


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