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People tried to get the American Civil Liberties Union involved in a debate about burgers

But it worked out well for everyone.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) works to protect the rights of vulnerable groups of people, whether they be women, immigrants, people with disabilities or anyone else.

With Republicans hoping to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and Donald Trump still pushing forward with his travel ban, you can imagine they’re pretty busy. Too busy to care about your thoughts on burgers.

On Monday, Eater New York published a seven-point list imploring people to “not order burgers at restaurants”.

People were not having that.

But, serious though this issue is, it’s probably not worthy of the ACLU’s time.

That didn’t stop people trying to get the legal organisation involved though, and they somehow found time to respond.

In the end it was a pretty fruitful waste of time for the rights group, with the person who brought the debate to their attention realising the error of her ways.

The donation comes as the ACLU is urging Americans to call their senators, with a vote on healthcare expected to take place in the Senate very soon.


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