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The heart-breaking reason why this German celebrity chef served these doll-sized meals

Jan-Philipp Cleusters served tiny portions of his food at a Christmas market.

They may look like bite-sized portions, but the German chef who made them has a heart-breaking message to share about his creations.

Jan-Philipp Cleusters, who set up a dollhouse kitchen at a Christmas market, served up tiny portions of haute cuisine to passers-by.

What they didn’t know was that the miniature meals have about the same amount of calories as the daily food of a starving child in East Africa.

On learning the truth, one visitor said: “Shocking when you are shown how little it is.”

Another added: “It is alarming that there are people on this planet that need to live off so little.”

Jan-Philipp Cleusters.

Cleusters said: “Christmas is the time for love. You don’t only care about yourself but also about people behind your horizon.

“And a campaign like this is so demonstrative that everyone understands.”

The film was sponsored by the charity Misereor, which helps the poor and the disadvantaged.


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