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These animals look like they’re loving the South East Asian zone at Chester Zoo

Home sweet home.

Some of the most endangered bears have moved into a new home at Chester Zoo.

Two sun bears, named Toni and Milli, have relocated to the South East Asian zone, a new £3 million habitat.

Also finding new homes in the zone are a Malayan tapir family, and they all look to be having a great time.

Chester Zoo’s website says: “The two sun bears, Milli and Toni… were rescued from Cambodia after their mothers were killed by poachers and they were found as mistreated pets.”

But in their new environment, the bears will be able to climb trees, forage for food, and enjoy a stream.

(Chester Zoo/Press Association)

Furthermore, there is an area for the tapirs, which according to Chester Zoo “is thought to be one of the world’s largest”.

With an outdoor and indoor pool to enjoy, people will be able to view the tapirs enjoying their new habitat.

(Chester Zoo/Press Association)


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