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These polar bears couldn’t believe their luck when a snow delivery was made to their zoo

Sign here please, Mr Bear.

If you had to buy a gift for a polar bear, what would you get? Well there’s one thing they seem to absolutely adore and, funnily enough, that something is snow.

Yep, when it comes to polar bears there’s no business like snow business, as these lucky creatures at Ranua Wildlife Park in Lapland discovered when they received a delivery of truckloads of the stuff.

And much like humans, when snow makes an appearance these polar bears know what to do – slide around in it of course.

Can you tell how excited they are? There’s a lot of sliding, a whole lot of rolling, and even some horseplay.

The snow was delivered from a nearby ski centre that had been holding the snow from a previous winter for the start of the ski season, and was given to the bears to combat the effects of warm weather.

However, with local temperatures reaching around 24C, the snow might not be there for much longer.

Enjoy it while you can, bears!


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