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These sassy responses to a sexist meme will make you proud to be a woman

‘Equal pay for you.’

Twitter is at its best when sarcastically responding to world events or misplaced memes.

The latest show of comedic prowess comes from a meme asking users to “post the four words every girl wants whispered in her ear”.

Women are clearly not a homogeneous group, so the responses varied greatly. Some railed against being called “girls”, others made it clear all they want is food, and still more bucked the idea that women all want the same thing.

Some followed the theme of the person who shared the meme, decrying the use of the world “girl” to describe a woman.

Riffing off that, other issues affecting women were shared in four-word format.

As ever, a Twitter thread couldn’t escape politics.

Food also featured strongly.

There were also suggestions of activities people could do – some quite scary.

Twitter users 1 – Sexist meme 0.

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