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This adventurous kitten had to be rescued by firefighters after sliding down a drain

Hold on to your hats, because this one is a rollercoaster.

A plucky kitten getting stuck in a dangerous London drain sounds like the premise for Disney’s next heartwarming film, but it’s actually something that happened IRL.

But don’t worry: like all good Disney movies, this one has a happy ending – thanks to some helpful firefighters.


The four-week old kitten was first spotted perched at the drain opening at the top of a two-storey building in Willesden. Concerned office workers did the right thing by calling the RSPCA, and then the adventure really kicked off.

When RSPCA animal collection officer Jill Sanders arrived, it became clear that the poor kitten had slipped down the drain. Sanders called the fire service for help, and they soon realised there was only one way they were going to get the kitten out.

Sanders says: “The fire service advised that the only chance of getting the kitten out would be to gently flush the kitten down the drain with the fire hose on a low pressure, and have someone ready in the drain in the ground outside the building, ready to catch her.”


Yep – they had to flush the kitten down the drain in order to get her out. Tricky stuff, but luckily the mission was pulled off with style.

“It worked an absolute treat – we listened carefully to work out which flow system the kitten has slipped down into, and once we’d worked it out, I was ready with a net,” Sanders says. “Sure enough, the kitten came sliding down into my hands, completely unharmed, although a little bit confused!”


The kitten – who’s now been nicknamed Ace – is now safe and sound at the Putney Animal Hospital. If no one comes forward to claim her, the RSPCA will find her a new home.

Now that’s the best kind of happy ending.


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