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This couple heard music in a shopping centre and couldn’t help but dance

This pair are teaching us all a lesson in finding the joy in small moments.

A couple’s impromptu dance in a shopping centre has gone viral after being shared on Facebook.

Les and Eleanor were captivated by the dulcet tones of Lewis Carroll, 20, a member of the Music 4 U Integrated Stage School when on a trip to the Aberdeen Trinity Centre on Thursday last week.

They began to twirl each other around in perfect time, and luckily a passer-by filmed the heartwarming moment.

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The video of their perfect moves was shared on Facebook and viewed over 72,000 times.

It went so viral that the  pair were invited back a few days later to entertain shoppers yet again, and they dressed up for the occasion.

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Music 4 U, whose singer inspired the couple to start dancing, is a stage school for people from a range of backgrounds, including those with physical and learning difficulties and supporting those from deprived areas to enjoy performance art.


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