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This guy’s incredible cosplay of Ursula from The Little Mermaid will leave you gobsmacked

This is one talented man.

A Disney-inspired cosplay is sending the internet wild.

Jose Davalos, a plastic and make-up artist, shared his incredible Ursula costume on Facebook and the video has clocked up over eight million views.

The video of a purple-hued Davalos acting as Ursula is remarkable – not only for the incredible make-up, but also his realistic impression of the cartoon villain.

The All New Ursula After The Comic Con Masquerade Ball.Thank you All for your Love and Support! and Thank you to the Judges and all the Crowed who was there cheering me up.We Won 3 Awards!!! I cannot be happierI did a video just for fun Singing #Ursula #UrsulaCosplay #UrsulaMakeup #UrsulaProsthetis #Anatomy #Fat #BodySuit #Fantasy #TheLittleMeirmaid #Broadway #DragQueen #DragMakeup #DragProsthetics #MaleToFemale #MakeupTransformation #SFX #SpecialEffects #SpecialEffectsMakeup #Witch #PoorUnfortunateSould #ComicCon #SDCC #ComicCon2017 #Winner #DisneyCosplay #VillainsCosplay

Posted by Joo Skellington on Sunday, July 23, 2017

It took two months to create the costume for Comic Con 2017, and it seems the time was worth it. The outfit and make-up swiped three awards, including the Most Innovative Costume and Audience Favourite Award Masquerade Winner.

Davalos has been interested in make-up from a very young age. He said: “I loved arts, like drawing, painting and sculpting.

“I started doing my first prosthetics out of paper mache and I always loved transforming myself into characters from movies.

“I used to steal my Grandma’s make-up and and I adored the way she was always glamorous with red lips and make-up. So I started doing that on my face, as well as wearing her vintage clothing to create costumes.”

Eventually, his work was rewarded with a scholarship to study in Los Angeles, California.

I cannot beleive this! Last Night was Beautiful at Comic Con! I won 3 Awards: The David C. Copley Center of Costume Design at UCLA for the "Most Innovative Costume" Comic Con 2017 Given by the amazing Deborah Nadoolman Landis #deborahnadoolmanlandis And a Cash Dollar Prize. The "Audience Favorite Award Masquerade Winner presented by Frank & Son Collectible Show @frankandsonshow and Cash Dollar Price A Price to Assit to Costume Con 36 Membership Given by Rebecca Rowan #RebeccaRowan A book "Dressed A Century of Hollywood Costume Design by Deborah Nadoolman And A Gift Certificate from Double Tree My Character was the All New version of Ursula, She was really big and Pictures and videos will be uploaded soon! I am Honored and Happy! Thank you to my Family and My friends from Los Angeles for your Beautiful Support and for looking after me! And Thank you Deborah for all your Kind words! Thank you to all the Judges who said beautiful things about my work and what I do! you made my day And I am so honored for your kindness. #ComicCon #ComicCon2017 #Award #Winner #CostumeContest #Masquerade #ComicConMasquerade #DreamsComeTrue #Disney #ComicCon #SDCC #SanDiegoComicCon

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Speaking about his new-found fame, Davalos said: “It’s been really amazing to me. This past few years, since social media, has been a nice way to start a career and try to get recognition.

“People and other cosplayers have been so kind to me. They make me feel like I am doing things right, and also being an inspiration to them is just beautiful, because I would have never thought about being relevant to somebody.”

Davalos said his favourite cosplay creation so far is Rococo Lumiere from Beauty And The Beast, because he is a huge fan of the 18th century and French history – and it’s easy to see why; the creation is seriously impressive.

My Rococo Lumiere After #D23 Day 2 Just me beign silly in this Karaoke Today it was CRAZY! I was so impressed with how popular my Lumiere was, a lot of you made me feel so special! thank you for Taking Pictures with me and for Being so nice to me, and for knowing who I was! and also for saying that I was an art inspiration 😭❤️I am so happy I got to meet more of my Friends from Instagram and Facebook. Thank you all for today!!! Lumiere will be back soon in another convention Thank you for waiting in a Line to take pictures with me, omg!! And for all my interviews and photoshoots #Lumiere #LumiereCosplay #LumiereMakeup #LumiereProsthetics #Broadway#BroadwayMusical #BroadwayLumiere #Rococo #Barroque #Theatre #Art #DecorativeArts #Antiques #Fantasy #BeautyAndTheBeast #Candelabra #Liberace #Gold #SFX #SpecialEffects #MakeupEffects #BeautyAndTheBeastCosplay #D23expo2017 #AlanMenken Also thank you to the hotel Lady who knew nothing about makeup... but still tried to help me with my cowl beign glued down haha

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Stay tuned for what he does next.


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