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This insanely talented two-year-old is probably better at basketball than you

The kid’s got mad skills.

Some people spend years perfecting their trick shots, so it’s incredibly annoying when someone comes along and nails it straight away.

Well bad luck, because this two-year-old is here to put your basketball skills to shame.

And it’s not just basketball that Calvin Shannon is a total pro at, but basically any type of trick shot.

Hey, it’s not like he’s completely been an overnight success: here’s Calvin smashing it at 13 months.

His dad Mike says that Calvin has been obsessed with basketball since he could sit up at eight months old. Mike says: “All he would watch on TV would be basketball games and videos, and he even sat through a 60 minute documentary of Michael Jordan from start to finish.”

Calvin’s favourite movie is Space Jam – a love he shares with so many other people.

Watch this space, because Calvin’s going places. It might take him a few more years to reach the NBA, but in the meantime why not watch Space Jam instead?


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