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This specially designed Taiwanese train lets you dive into a pool as well as play a bit of football

Well, it feels like that anyway.

This summer Taipei is hosting the Universiade, and the Taiwanese city has done something pretty special to honour the event.

The Universiade is an international sporting event for university athletes (often known as the World University Games), and anyone travelling on the capital’s trains this summer will really feel like they’re part of the action.

(Taipei City Government/Department of information and tourism)

Each carriage of the subway trains on the city’s green line has been transformed into a chosen sport.

(Taipei City Government/Department of information and tourism)

Thanks to optical illusions, carriages have been redesigned to look like athletics tracks, football fields, basketball courts, swimming pools and stadiums.

(Taipei City Government/Department of information and tourism)

Gold medal goes to the swimming pool carriage, which has proved a particular hit on social media.

As well as being fun and prime fodder for your Instagram, the installation also aims to educate. The government’s Department of Information and Tourism has fitted out the handles in every carriage with game rules, historical facts and anecdotes about the Universiade.

The Universiade runs in Taipei until August 30, and the redesigns of the trains are an effort to engage people with the event and encourage use of public transport.


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