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This Twitter account celebrates the artistic results of data visualisation gone wrong

When data vis goes wrong, it goes beautifully wrong.

Beautiful charts and data visualisation are part of our web experience these days.

When it goes right they look great and can offer insight into whatever topic is being discussed.

But when it goes wrong it’s beautiful or beautifully funny for a whole set of different reasons, as celebrated by the glorious Twitter account Accidental_aRt.

The hipster tattoo design

It’s like a Magic Eye puzzle

The lost Super Mario level

Describe the beakers

Someone’s been playing with a Spirograph

Can we have a Batman-esque “Pow!”

And a “ka-pow”

Inadvertent Death Star creation happens a lot

This one’s going on the wall

And here’s the forest by the moon

Bids accepted

Pie charts, the cubist phase

“I don’t even know”

When data becomes self-aware


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