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This video of a crocodile dragging a dead cow along will haunt your dreams

This is one powerful crocodile.

A huge crocodile has been spotted transporting his lunch, a whole cow, along a riverbank.

Last Friday while on a fishing charter trip in Kununurra, Western Australia, Justin Lorrimer was fishing with his family when they saw the terrifying sight.

“We seen the croc (sic) drag the cow down the bank, so we followed it with the drone,” said Lorrimer. “It was awesome!”

After filming the incredible moment, Lorrimer shared the video on his family’s Facebook page, Trip in a Van.

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The Facebook page follows Lorrimer’s adorable family as they travel around Australia in a camper van, showing off the beauty of the country with videos and photos.

In the video, he estimates the crocodile could be “five to six metres long”.

Lorrimer advises people not to swim in the Ord River in the Facebook post, which has been viewed more than 600,000 times.

Good advice, looking at the size of the cow this crocodile has taken down.


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