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This woman’s hair-raising reaction to bass speakers needs to be seen to be believed

This is seriously loud.

Brad Majors demonstrates a speaker system for mother-of-three Jayne Young.

The resulting video is joyous. As the 156-decibel bass drops, Jayne covers her ears and a huge smile spreads across her face as she looks at Brad in disbelief.

The pair are at a recent Show Your Ride event hosted by Creative Car Audio in Springfield, Missouri.

“The demo is a normal one for Brad,” says Tyson Hower, who shared the video on YouTube. “Although we had gotten calls complaining about the noise, so he started the demo with the window up, normally he does his demos with the windows down.”

Jayne was so excited by the demonstration that she took her children to Tyson’s car for a similar experience.

“Mine is not nearly as loud as Brad’s,” says Tyson. “Brad’s vehicle hits 156 decibels where mine only hits 143 decibels.”

Brad runs his own YouTube channel where he shows what speakers can do. This includes levitating objects like t-shirts and hoodies using sound.

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