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Twitter has crowdsourced a 2018 campaign slogan for the Democrats in the best way

To play along, all that’s needed is a phone which can send texts and to have texted at least once.

The internet is full of daft ways to come up with everything from your porn star name to your steam punk alter ago.

But this one from The Daily Show’s Matt Negrin has a twist. Rather than being about a person’s name, following the instructions creates a political slogan.

Specifically one for the Democrats to use in the 2018 elections.

And the replies have been absolute zingers.

With perhaps, the best aside.

To get into the stride, it’s best to imagine them on bumper stickers.

This one has something a little Liam Byrne about it.

Others included “let’s pray” “Korena food?” and the simple “yes”.

And while some texts could have genuinely been used as campaign slogans, others were less positive.

In January, weeks before being sworn into office President Donald Trump trademarked “Keep America Great” for a potential 2020 campaign.


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