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Twitter has fun recreating perfumes with emojis

Which fragrance does cookie, cake and kiss say to you?

Of all the wonderful and weird hashtags to have come up, #AScentInEmojis ranks up there with extra points for conjuring up a lingering smell.

The idea wafted on to Twitter from the desk of author Joanne Harris who shared a few examples of her own, including Chanel No 5 as a rose and leopard and Angel as a glazed doughnut, cocktail and a wilted flower.

Dune was a cactus and cherry blossom.

Her followers were soon chipping in with potential emoji definitions for her β€œperfume bible”.

Who can resist Dior’s Poison – defined with a red stiletto and a skull and crossbones?

Or the gender-neutral fragrance CK One with same-sex couples holding hands and a rainbow?

And Escentric Molecule No.1 with a cookie, cake and a kiss.

Some drifted away from perfumes for other olfactory stimuli.

Petrichor – the smell which accompanies the first rain in a while – was recreated with a sapling, leaves and the tree emoji coupled with rain and an umbrella.

Harris told her Twitter followers: β€œI’m really enjoying these.”

Of course, you could also read the hashtag as β€œascent in emojis” which possibly explains this contribution.

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