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Watch: Can you resist the festive charms of this tortoise eating a sprout?

Finn’s feeling a little hungry.

It’s Christmas feeding time at West Midland Safari Park, and for Finn the tiny pancake tortoise that means one thing – a sprout the size of him.

Finn is something of an internet sensation, having been born not much bigger than a 50p piece when hatched this year, and here he is getting into the festive spirit.

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Finn was the first pancake tortoise hatched at the park near Bewdley, Worcestershire.

Pancake tortoises are distinguished by their flat shell, and in the wild inhabit the mountains of Kenya and Tanzania, with a preference for dry areas with rocky outcrops.

Pancake tortoises have come under threat due to loss of habitat and being traded as pets – so are part of a breeding programme amongst European zoos to help conserve them.

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