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Would you like to see the hilarious aftermath of Simone Biles’s wisdom teeth removal?

We’re used to seeing the four-time Olympic champion in slightly different circumstances.

When you think of Simone Biles, presumably you think of the four-time Olympic champion who dominated gymnastics at the Rio 2016 Games.

What you probably don’t picture is the incredible athlete lying in a dentist’s chair pretending to drive an imaginary car after having had her wisdom teeth removed.

Well if you did imagine that, perhaps you’d like to compare your thoughts with the real thing.

The 20-year-old appears to talk nonsense before steering an imaginary steering wheel and honking an imaginary horn – she then appears to give up.

The 4ft 8in gymnast tweeted that there was far more footage too, something that seems entirely believable.

Biles posted some before and after photos, and promised a funny video…

… and much like her performances at the Olympics, she delivered.


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