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Zach Johnson defied the commentator to hole a monstrous putt at The Open

“Well you can call it a birdie attempt…”

Zach Johnson won’t win The Open this year, but thanks to one particularly sizeable putt, he did at least wow the crowds.

Rounds of 75, 66, 71 and 66 left the 2015 Open champion two under par for the weekend at Royal Birkdale, and while his second and fourth rounds were impressive, both were overshadowed by the brilliance of one shot on the par-four eighth.

From this kind of distance, you’d be lucky to tickle it down in two…

“Well you can call it a birdie attempt, but just get me down in two…” says the commentator, before the ball edges nearer and nearer to the pin. “Giddy-up, oh you’re kidding me.”

Footballers often struggle to get a ball into a massive goal from 40 yards, so to slide a golf ball into a cup from that distance is quite something.

It can’t be much fun having a round of putting in your spare time with Zach, can it?


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