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Amanda’s poem for Sean

Am here at home alone, unwinding from my day

there's only one thought on my mind

only one prayer that I can pray.

To hold my dearest, sweetest, Sean, to feel the warmth of his embrace

I long to look deep in his eyes

to feel his hand caress my face.

Our love is strong and, oh, so true but yet, I sit here...

alone and blue.

You see, he is a soldier fighting in Afghan

and this war keeps us apart.

Although, right now, we're not together

we still keep each others' hearts.

He knows how much he means to me, he knows I'll never stray.

I know he has a job to do

and I'm very proud to say

I'll wait for my soldier

as long as it may take.

I'll bear the chill of lonely nights

I'll support him, love, and miss him as he bravely stays and fights.

I have promised to stand by his side and to this I will hold true.

i love n miss u Sean Binnie take care my love

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