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'Anyone But England' displays axed

A leading chain store has withdrawn "Anyone But England" World Cup window displays from its Scottish stores following complaints they were racist.

HMV removed the window display after a visit from police.

A Fife Police spokesman confirmed that officers visited the store in Gordon Brown's Kirkcaldy constituency on Monday to discuss the matter.

Officers were told the display was part of a nationwide advertising campaign.

The Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP) contacted police about the "insensitive and provocative" items, according to a statement on their website.

The CEP has accused HMV of being "criminally irresponsible" and of stirring up racial hatred.

A statement published on their website said: "We understand that HMV have agreed to withdraw their insensitive and provocative 'Anyone but England' window displays and T-shirts from their Scottish stores following complaints from members of the public and a complaint by the CEP to Fife Police for incitement to racial hatred.

"During the last World Cup, a number of racist attacks were committed in Scotland against English people and anti-English racism remains a problem whether it's a World Cup year or not.

"HMV's decision to not only stock the provocative 'Anyone but England' T-shirts but to make window displays of them in all their Scottish stores, stirring up even more bad feeling towards the English in Scotland at a time when it is already riding high because of the World Cup, is criminally irresponsible and the CEP believes that it could be considered incitement to racial hatred."

CEP spokesman Stuart Parr said: "The Campaign for an English Parliament will challenge any company that incites racial hatred towards the English. Racism is unacceptable no matter who it is directed against, including English people."


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