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Army lobby group demands memorial in west Belfast for those maimed or killed in Troubles

By Deborah McAleese

A group of veterans lobbying to be treated "equally" to other Troubles victims have now also launched a campaign for a military memorial to be erected in west Belfast.

The former British Army soldiers, who want police probes into IRA attacks on them during the Troubles, have begun to lobby particular MPs - who like them served in the armed forces - for help to address "the one-sided treatment" of those who served in Northern Ireland.

As well as seeking support for their calls to have attempted murders of soldiers during the Troubles "properly and thoroughly investigated", the Veterans Party has asked MPs to help them secure planning permission for a memorial in west Belfast for those killed in the area.

In addition, the group is campaigning for criminal injuries claims to be permitted with disregard to time limits; action on "the disparity which sees wounded terrorists financially better off than wounded veterans" and names of the war dead to be added to the war memorial in Armagh.

In a letter to 50 MPs, the lobby group, which has 12,000 members, said: "Veterans are concerned about the poor treatment, some would say one-sided treatment of those who have served in Northern Ireland. We are asking for your support as veterans yourselves to assist in helping to protect them during the one-sided approach of investigations currently progressing.

"The Veterans Party will campaign for fair treatment of veterans and we will continue to campaign for what is right. The relatives of our colleagues who paid the ultimate price or continue to live with disabilities and disfigurements expect no less of us."

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