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Ashes of tragic Ulster dad scattered at the home of his beloved Man City

By Victoria O'Hara

The family of an Ulster father of 15 who lost his battle with cancer scattered some of his ashes in the grounds of his favourite football club.

Sam Corbett (46) a firefighter and Manchester City fan from Ballymoney, Co Antrim died in April.

But his widow Angela (45) told the Belfast Telegraph they brought some of his ashes over to the City of Manchester Stadium in July, a club he had supported for many years.

"We have some of his ashes buried at the fire station in the garden there and some over at Man City Football ground," she said.

"The club was very understanding, in fact they have their own memorial garden in the stadium and minister. They couldn't have been more helpful."

Mrs Corbett added: "He loved the fire station, and he loved Man City so I think it would have pleased him."

Mrs Corbett said the remainder of his ashes are being kept to be buried with his parents.

In 1989 Mr Corbett was diagnosed with testicular cancer and told he would be left sterile, but then went on to father 15 children. But in 2006 he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

"There is a memorial garden outside the fire station and the kids are able to go up and put flowers there. We try and keep the lives of the children as normal as possible.

"Our daughter Cheyanne will start school at The Lady's Primary School in Ballymoney in September.

"She turned four the day before Sam died.

"She is really looking forward to it but I think it will be very difficult next year whenever the youngest son, Travis, goes to school.

"Sam had been determined to see him start.

"That was his goal, so it will be emotional then.

"Every morning Travis gets up and asks, 'Daddy not back yet?', 'Daddy at the fire station?'

"Of course every time the phone rings he thinks it's Daddy," Mrs Corbett said.

"Every time we go up to the fire station, he thinks his daddy is going to be there."

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