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Award for Stormont 'Stone' security guards

By Victoria O'Hara

The heroic security guards who disarmed loyalist killer Michael Stone during his attempted raid on Stormont will be awarded the Queen's commendation for bravery.

Peter Lachanudis and Susan Porter wrestled with the former UDA gunman as he burst into the Parliament buildings last November.

He was arrested after being caught allegedly with three knives, a garrotte and an axe and possession of an imitation gun.

He faces 14 charges, including the attempted murder of Sinn Fein leaders Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.

Stone has also been accused of explosives offences.

He became notorious when television cameras captured his gun and grenade attack on mourners at an IRA funeral in Milltown cemetery in 1988 killing three people.

He is due to stand trial at Belfast's Crown Court.

The guards' accolade is a UK-wide one granted for bravery entailing risk to life and meriting national recognition.

Speaking just after the attack, Ms Porter recalled the moment she first spotted Stone: "I saw a man walking towards the building with a big bag. I thought he must be a photographer, but when he got closer I saw his eyes and recognised him instantly."

Both security guards then managed to trap him in the revolving entry doors at Stormont.

After the incident Ms Porter, an ex-RUC officer, who served 22 years in south Armagh and south Down, said she was only doing her job.

"I'm no hero. It took a number of us to disarm Stone. It wasn't just me."

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