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Baby P’s father reveals how his life has been destroyed

The father of Baby P yesterday told for the first time how the death of his son destroyed his life as he battled with feelings of anger and guilt at the horrific abuse the child suffered.

The man, who cannot be named, told in heartbreaking detail the moment he was confronted with the sight of his dead son's body and said his life became a “living nightmare”.

He explained how he was unable to work following the tragedy and that he turned to alcohol to “blot out the pain”.

His revelations came in a victim impact statement read out at the Old Bailey yesterday as the judge heard submissions from legal teams ahead of the sentencing of the child's killers today.

The boy's 27-year-old mother, her 32-year-old boyfriend and their lodger Jason Owen (37) have all been told to expect lengthy jail sentences after being convicted of causing or allowing the death of a child in November.

The boyfriend will also be sentenced for the rape of a two-year-old girl for which he was found guilty earlier this month.

As well as the father's statement, a letter was read to the court on behalf of the the mother of Baby P, who can now be known by his real name of Peter. In the letter, hand-written from her cell in Holloway Prison, she says she will never forgive herself for her son's death and accepts she will be given a custodial sentence.

The court was reminded of Peter's extensive catalogue of injuries. They were told the boy, who was 17 months old when he died in August 2007, had part of his left ear missing, possibly caused by being hung by the ears. The tip of his tongue had been removed as had the tip of his right index finger, all of his fingernails and some of his toenails.

His back was broken, the court heard this was likely due to hyperextension from being stretched over a knee or a banister, as were seven of his ribs.

The child's father said: “My son must have suffered weeks, if not months of pain, fear and loneliness with nobody to help or comfort him. No human being, and especially a child, deserves to suffer like Peter suffered in the last days and weeks of his life.”

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