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Bailed-out banks keep corporate boxes Lansdowne

The Republic’s Labour Party finance spokeswoman Joan Burton last night slammed banks which are splashing out more than €1m on corporate boxes at sporting events.

It was revealed that Bank of Ireland and AIB have paid over €500,000 each for corporate boxes at the new Lansdowne Road, despite having to be bailed out by the Irish government.

The luxury corporate boxes will allow the bank's senior executives to host invited guests and to watch all of Ireland's home Six Nations matches.

The government is already investing €191m in the stadium project.

Ms Burton said that this kind of corporate hospitality should not be encouraged among the banks that had to be rescued by the taxpayer.

“All that kind of behaviour of banks splashing out for overpriced corporate treats such as these has had its day,” said Ms Burton.

“I don't believe the ordinary taxpayer, who has had to rescue the banks, benefit in any way.”

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