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BBC Radio Ulster presenter Gerry Anderson laughs off rumours he’s got swine flu virus

By Maureen Coleman

Gerry Anderson today laughed off reports that he is suffering from swine flu after a viral-type illness forced him off air for several days.

The Radio Ulster presenter took ill at the start of this week and stayed at home in a bid to recover from the flu-like virus.

But speaking from his sick bed today, Gerry said he was feeling a lot better and planned to be back at work next Monday.

And he said he definitely had not contracted swine flu, despite having been in Mexico last month to film a BBC documentary.

Gerry said: “I didn’t feel great on Monday but went into work anyway, but when I woke up on Tuesday I’d lost my voice and wasn’t feeling great at all.

“I did have flu-like symptoms but one of the earliest warning signs of swine flu is a high temperature and a feeling of burning up and I definitely didn’t have that.

“I’d a bit of a sore throat and because I lost my voice as well there was no point in me going into work and going on air.

“I guess people maybe jumped to the conclusion of swine flu because I visited Mexico last month and was also in Spain and Portugal.

“But you can rest assured I’m getting better from this virus and hope to be back on air on Monday.”

The BBC presenter said the rumours of swine flu had started after his radio sidekick Sean Coyle claimed he had picked it up, joking that it would be the making of him.

“I believe it was Sean who started the rumours but to be honest, I haven’t listened to the radio or read a paper since I’ve been off.

“I wouldn’t listen to what Sean Coyle’s got to say when I’m well, let alone when I’m off sick.”

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