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Being called Barbie doesn't bother Zoe

By Maureen Coleman

Blue Peter beauty Zoe Salmon today said she had no problems being compared to a "life-sized Barbie doll".

The Bangor-born presenter, who has come under fire from some sections of the Press for her sexy image and bubbly personality, said she took any criticisms "on the chin".

And she said negative comments were just part of the industry she works in.

Last year Zoe was the subject of a scathing article in the Guardian, which hit out at her beauty queen image and referred to her as a "life-sized Barbie doll".

But Zoe, who was in Belfast yesterday to launch the Glow Beauty and Vitality show at the King's Hall next February, laughed off the criticism.

"You know what, when I was six years of age and had about eight Barbie dolls, I wanted to look just like them when I was older. Blonde hair, great figure, why wouldn't I?" she said.

"I spend so much time now running around eating Mars bars and stuffing myself with food that to be told I'm like a Barbie doll is quite a compliment.

"Someone like me with blonde hair and coming from a beauty queen background is always going to get that blonde bimbo label. There has been a bit of negative press, but it is part of the territory. It's just one of those things when you're on television.

"I just take it on the chin. I love my job. I wake up every day thinking I'm really lucky, so I'm not going to let anything bad put me off."

When Zoe landed the job exactly three years ago, she was quoted at the time as saying that she'-d try anything once.

Does he have any regrets about uttering those words?

"Absolutely not," she said.

"Even when I had to be a binman in London and go down the sewers, I loved it. I mean, there's not too many jobs let you explore the sewers of London.

"I remember when I was a kid watching Caron Keating wing walk on Blue Peter and when I took the job they asked me if there was anything I'd like to try. I suggested the wing walk although I thought I'd be petrified. But I didn't die, I got through it."

And although Zoe said she was cheering on fellow Blue Peter presenter Gethin Jones on Strictly Come Dancing, she admitted to having a soft spot for EastEnders star Matt Di Angelo.

"I haven't been down to watch Gethin yet because I've been filming, but I tune in to watch just to see what colour he's wearing or how many sequins he has sown on," she said.

"Obviously I'd love to see Gethin win, but I have to say, I really like Matt.

"Now if he was five years older, he'd do me!"

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