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Belfast bomb attack underlines need for adequate PSNI funding

Unionist politicians have said this morning’s bomb attack in east Belfast has underlined the need for adequate funding to be given to police.

East Belfast DUP MLA Robin Newton described it as “totally despicable”.

“Whoever is behind this obviously has very little to offer society and they offer no future for Northern Ireland,” he said.

“This is something the Chief Constable needs to look at very carefully and obviously, we have been calling for adequate funding for police resources.

“This attack makes that call all the more poignant.”

Ulster Unionist leader Reg Empey said the attack was “an assault on our entire community”.

“Those who carried out this evil act are intent on forcing our community back into the dark years,” he said.

“The majority of people right across our community, from all political and religious traditions, reject these terrorists, their acts and their perverse beliefs.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family caught up in today’s attack — and with all police officers and their families across Northern Ireland.

“I trust that the Government will give every support necessary to the Chief Constable to ensure that the PSNI has the resources necessary to confront and overcome the terrorist threat.”

While SDLP deputy leader Alasdair McDonnell described the attack as “stupid” and “without justification”.

“Attacks of this nature have no justification, I condemn this stupid attack,” he said. “I would like to think that over the past 10 or 11 years we would have left this sort of madness behind us. Any attack of this nature, or any violence, cannot be justified.”

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