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Belfast is UK’s ‘friendliest city’

Belfast may have been in the headlines for the wrong reasons over the past few days but a new survey found that it is the friendliest city in the United Kingdom.

The research, published days after racial harassment forced more than 100 Romanians to flee their homes, found almost a fifth of the city's residents (18%) consider their neighbours as friends.

Nearly a third (32%) of Belfast residents said they were likely to chat with their neighbours on a daily basis, compared to only about one in 10 (9%) in Edinburgh and one in seven (14%) in London.

The survey found London was the least friendly city, with only one in every 100 people (1%) saying they considered their neighbours as friends.

The poll for MasterCard found only one in 10 (9%) UK residents considered themselves to be on friendly terms with those living next door, and a third (33%) admitted they had been involved in a dispute with their neighbours.

More than half (54%) of all UK residents said their neighbours annoyed them, yet almost three-quarters (73%) said they welcomed the opportunity to get involved in activities to bring their neighbourhoods closer together.

Three out of four in the survey (73%) said they would feel safer in their own homes if they knew their neighbours.

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