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Belfast City Marathon 2017: Results, pictures and video

Sea of colour sweeps through the city in May Day marathon

By Victoria Leonard

Superheroes, sunburn and sore feet were the order of the day as over 15,000 people pounded Belfast's streets for the 36th Belfast City Marathon.

Amid glorious sunshine, a sea of colourful competitors swept through the city, creating a carnival atmosphere on the May Day Bank Holiday.

Soaring temperatures only seemed to encourage the spirits of the determined runners, who were cheered to the finish line by crowds lining the route.

First to triumph in the men's race was Kenyan Bernard Rotich, who crossed the line in just 2:16:04, beating his countrymen Daniel Tanui and Emmanuel Kiprotich.

Home turf proved to be a lucky charm for Kilkeel mum-of-four Laura Graham, who won the women's race in a personal best time of 2:41:47.

"I can't believe I've done it," Laura told the Belfast Telegraph, after spraying champagne from the top of the winner's podium in Ormeau Park.

"I ran the London Marathon last week and I didn't expect to be number one in Belfast this week! It feels good, but weird!"

Donegal man Karol Doherty (36), who came first in the wheelchair race, said that training for marathons had been a crucial element of his recovery after losing both legs in a car accident in 2004.

"I was always into marathons before and a key part of my recovery was getting into wheelchair racing and marathons," added the car mechanic.

"I've done 24 marathons now. Competing has helped me get over the impact of the accident, to keep my head and recover mentally."

In addition to those seeking to set personal bests and achieve podium places, thousands of pounds were raised for worthy causes.

Glengormley woman Terri Broadhurst, in costume as Batgirl, proved to be a real-life superhero for her four-year-old nephew Max Thompson.

The youngster, who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, was cheered by the crowd as his caped crusader aunt pushed him over the finish line.

"Max is only four, but he's already in a wheelchair as this is a genetic muscle-wasting condition which will deteriorate," Terri explained.

"He loves superheroes and his favourite is Batgirl, so I dressed up as her today and came along with my daughters, Sophie (6) and Morgan (10).

"I wanted to push him over the finish line last year, but I didn't get the chance to, then today I saw him in the crowd with his parents and I knew I had to go for it.

"Everyone cheered us on as we crossed the finish line and he thought he was a wee champion.

"He is such a happy wee boy, a real fighter despite his illness, and a wee superhero to me.

"This year we have raised about £1,000 so far by taking part in the marathon and I would do it again."

For brothers Gary and Mark Kinney, the marathon was a way of saying thank you to the NI Hospice, which cared for their late father, Charles, who passed away after suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

"I'm wearing my Dad's wedding ring today in his memory and I feel he was watching over us during the race," Mark explained.

"The hospice made Dad comfortable in his last days and reassured us as a family, so this is our way of thanking them."

Running for wife diagnosed with a brain tumour

Running in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity was Gavin Creech, whose partner, Heather, from Belfast, has a brain tumour.

"Heather was diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2014 and I'm moving to Finaghy from Northampton to be with her," Gavin explained. "We hadn't heard about brain tumours until she had a seizure at 32. Brain tumours are one of the most common cancers for people aged 35-40. She has had surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She's set a challenge of 26.2 marathons to raise funds for The Brain Tumour charity."

Suicide victims' families step out in support of PIPS

The families of two men who lost their lives to suicide, Tiarnán Bassett and Robert McMaster, took part in the eight mile Marathon Walk to raise funds for Public Initiative for Prevention of Suicide and Self Harm (PIPS) charity.

Tiarnán's mum Shauneen said: "PIPS have really helped our family, they are always there for us.

"They aren't government funded so they need our support.

"Tiarnán was just 20 when he died and he was definitely looking down on us today."

The Top 100

Position First Name Surname Time
1. Bernard Rotich 2.16.03
2. Dan Tanui 2.17.40
3. Emmanuel Kiprotich Melly 2.18.11
4. Hillary Chirchir 2.21.01
5. Abdelhadi El Mouaziz 02.26.32
6. Jarlath McKenna 02.30.30
7. Nebil Otman 02.39.15
8. Lawrence O’Hara 02.39.18
9. Laura Graham 02.41.46
10. Colum Gaile 02.42.02
11. Delfim Pimentel 02.42.37
12. Josh Colligan 02.43.52
13. Telmo Silva 02.44.21
14. Jack Murphy 02.44.35
15. Joseph McKevitt 02.45.09
16. Jose Dias 02.45.22
17. Kent Swann 02.46.00
18. Karol Doherty 02.46.11
19. Els Rens 02.46.20
20. Stan de Vleminck 02.46.20
21. Alistair Duffield 02.46.45
22. Don Travers 02.50.18
23. Barrie Atkinson 02.53.06
24. Gary O’Hanlon 02.53.58
25. Barry Minnock 02.54.00
26. Salome J Kimutai 02.54.00
27. Alistair Watson 02.54.40
28. James Turtle 02.54.49
29. Paddy Lappin 02.55.40
30. Chris Hutchinson 02.55.41
31. Paul Carlin 02.55.48
32. Alexander McPherson 02.55.51
33. Radka Churnova 02.56.06
34. David Noble 02.56.22
35. Phelim McAllister 02.57.06
36. Michael Dillon 02.57.08
37. Ger Copeland 02.57.12
38. Noel Dempsey 02.57.25
39. Richard Brierley 02.57.36
40. David Proctor 02.57.49
41. Scott McCann 02.58.11
42. Geoff Smyth 02.58.13
43. Vincent McKenna 02.58.17
44. Vera Guyali 02.58.46
45. Andrew Greany 02.59.05
46. Shane O’Donnell 02.59.06
47. Agnes Kiss 02.59.07
48. Jose Heitor 02.59.17
49. Brian Kinsella 02.59.19
50. Patrick Higgins 02.59.20
51. Steven Stewart 02.59.46
52. Karen Alexander 03.00.17
53. Jyrki Ruohomäki 03.01.03
54. Gregory Pezolano 03.01.03
55. Francisco Silva 03.02.13
56. Louise Smith 03.03.13
57. Steven Rolfe 03.03.16
58. James Osborne 03.03.29
59. Sam Linton 03.03.55
60. JP Thomas 03.04.03
61. Michael McLernon 03.04.24
62. Thomas Leitch 03.04.24
63. Sean Paul Hughes 03.04.32
64. Vincent McMath 03.04.54
65. Christopher Groves 03.05.09
66. Fabrice Scoupe 03.05.31
67. Toby Hart 03.05.37
68. Simon Reeve 03.06.00
69. Gordon Graham 03.07.10
70. Kenny Holdsworth 03.07.20
71. Chris Diamond 03.07.51
72. Sebastian Slotwinski 03.07.59
73. John Donlon 03.08.20
74. Paul McKibbin 03.08.34
75. Alan Robinson 03.08.44
76. John Clarke 03.08.53
77. Susan McCartney 03.09.00
78. Tim Brownlie 03.09.00
79. Tim Lewis 03.09.02
80. Peter McGarry 03.09.03
81. David Hamilton 03.09.23
82. Alex Copping 03.09.23
83. Ciaran McKendry 03.09.58
84. James Cleland 03.10.19
85. David Callan 03.10.32
86. Kevin O’Rourke 03.10.35
87. Tommy Hughes 03.10.37
88. Phillip Vint 03.10.39
89. Chris Quinn 03.10.42
90. Patrick Lynch 03.10.57
91. Kieran McMahon 03.11.15
92. Michael McBrien 03.11.43
93. Peter Williamson 03.11.51
94. Norman Mawhinney 03.11.54
95. Andy Belshaw 03.11.55
96. James Martin McCarthy 03.12.03
97. Cathal May 03.12.13
98. Dylan Kelly 03.12.13
99. Ciaran Smylie 03.12.27
100. Michael Broadhead 03.12.28

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