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Belfast City Marathon releases statement on future of the event

The organisers of the Belfast City Marathon have said they are "confident" the future of the event is safe after meetings with the police.

David Seaton, organising committee chairman for the Belfast Marathon, said last week that the future of the event was in jeopardy as organisers may have to pay for policing due to the introduction of new legislation.

He told the BBC: "The new road legislation means we’re going to have pay for policing costs among other things,” he said.

“I’m told that an officer is charged out at £65 an hour and on bank holiday Monday it’s twice that. That’s £130.

“They are usually on duty for seven to eight hours so that’s about a thousand pounds each.

“Last year we had about 120 officers, that’s £120,000. We couldn’t take that hit. That would be the end of the marathon.”

However, on Sunday morning organisers released a statement saying: "After some recent reports about the potential for police costs for next years marathon, we can report that following a meeting with senior police we are confident we can reach a suitable agreement around future policing of the marathon."

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