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Belfast named one of UK's most romantic cities

Paris, Venice and Rome have a new British contender when it comes to romance.

Hull was named today as the UK's most romantic city, according to research by a flower delivery service.

Flying Flowers analysed orders from around the UK from last Valentine's Day to determine which were the most - and least - romantic areas.

Hull is home to Britain's most doting lovers, closely followed by London and Southampton, while Edinburgh came a miserly last.

The survey looked at factors like how many flowers are bought in each city and how much is spent per bouquet to give each area a score.

But it also took into account other factors - like how many people in each area ordered more than one Valentine's bouquet - to compile the final list.

Hull came out on top due in large part to how much lovers are willing to spend on bouquets, despite the fact they leave their orders later than anywhere else in the UK.

But the people of Edinburgh were less lucky in love, and were 50% less likely to receive flowers than those in cities like Belfast and London, who sent the most flowers in total.

Valentine's day in Wolverhampton proved to be a double-edged sword last year, with one of the highest order rates in the UK, but also the lowest amount spent per bouquet, along with Belfast.

It was also the city with the highest concentration of people sending more than one bouquet last year, raising doubts as to how loyal its lovers are.

The UK's 10 most romantic cities:

1. Hull

2. London

3. Southampton

4. Wolverhampton

5. Belfast

6. Bradford

7. Plymouth

8. Stoke-on-Trent

9. Birmingham

10. Manchester

The UK's 10 least romantic cities:

1. Edinburgh

2. Bristol

3. Sheffield

4. Leicester

5. Glasgow

6. Leeds

7. Nottingham

8. Cardiff

9. Liverpool

10. Coventry

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