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Belfast Telegraph steps up its deliveries to reach 24,000 more homes

New service a major boost for readers

Reader are gearing up to benefit from a new Home Delivery Service launched by the Belfast Telegraph.

A centrally managed system which is being introduced within the next few months will allow the Belfast Telegraph to deal directly with thousands more customers right across Northern Ireland.

Previously co-ordinated by individual newsagents, the new centralised system will use a small number of distribution contractors handling deliveries.

In north Belfast and Lisburn distributor Aaron McVitty is heading a team of local people who will ensure more than 30,000 households can get the Belfast Telegraph delivered through their doors — a jump of 24,000 homes.

Customers can choose from a range of delivery deals, discounts and payment options with some packages offering a paper (with free delivery) for as low as 59 pence.

As the distributor for the area it is Aaron's job to ensure that 100% of the home delivery customers receive their copy without fail every day.

"At first it was a bit daunting setting up a delivery system to deliver to over 30,000 households, our old agency system could only deliver to around 6,000 households so I had to build a team capable of servicing these new areas," he said.

"The objective was that every customer who wanted a home delivery copy in my area would be able to get one — quite a challenge.

"Thankfully I was very fortunate that many of the local paperboys and girls still wanted to retain their rounds in many areas and so they formed the backbone of the Distributorship."

Aaron said the new customers who now have the opportunity to have their Belfast Telegraph delivered are delighted.

Aaron added: "And I've had very positive feedback from current customers who are enjoying the cost savings the new packages bring."

The new model also guarantees delivery if a paper is missed or damaged.

It's Aaron's supervisor Dean French who organises a re-delivery.

"Customers must get their paper," he said.

"But I do have a wee word with my team the next day — I don't like doing the same one twice."

Through the new system a variety of payment options will be available to suit each customer.

This includes monthly invoices, payment in advance and direct debit, with the added benefit of some packages offering a 10-15% saving on a monthly bill.

Martin Lindsay, Editor of the Belfast Telegraph, welcomed the new delivery service.

He said: "This gives us an exciting new opportunity to extend the reach and quality of our home delivery service.

"I am sure readers of our newspaper will be more than impressed by the range of new services available to them."

  • For more information about getting the Belfast Telegraph delivered to your door contact the customer hotline on 0800 028 1909.

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