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Bill Clinton back in Ireland to help Hillary

By Noel McAdan

Bill Clinton is coming back to Ireland - to raise funds to boost his wife Hillary's prospects of becoming President.

The campaign for a second Clinton President needs to raise an estimated $$500m for the election race.

Mr Clinton, who played a leading role in the Northern Ireland peace process, already held a number of similar events last year, including on the British mainland, to promote his autobiography My Life.

This time, however, the Clinton camp is planning to target supporters of the Democratic party living in Ireland and Britain and people who hold Green Cards.

Irish-born publisher Niall O'Dowd, who is on the finance committee of the Clinton campaign team, told RTE: "There is a view that raising money abroad is actually an option now because there is such intense pressure to raise money within the US for all the political parties.

"A fundraiser in Ireland could actually work very well for Hillary Clinton because there is a tremendous amount of support among ex-pat Americans here for her."

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