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Bloody Sunday families protest as inquiry scaled back in budget cuts

By Donna Deeney

A woman whose brother was killed on Bloody Sunday has vowed not to give up her fight for justice after the PSNI's murder inquiry into the 13 deaths was scaled back due to budget cuts.

Dozens of people demonstrated at the Guildhall in Londonderry at the weekend to protest against the decision.

Despite an apology from Prime Minister David Cameron in the wake of the 2010 Savile Inquiry report that found the dead were innocent victims, some relatives insist that the troops responsible should face prosecution.

However, the families reacted with anger when it emerged that temporary police staff investigating the 1972 massacre are to be laid off as a result of financial pressures.

Only five of the 17 investigators are now left.

Among those demonstrating was Kate Nash, whose brother William was among those killed by the Paratroopers. She is adamant the investigation should continue.

"What is a society without justice and who can put a price on justice?" she asked.

"I understand that it is important to police the here and now but I consider the police to be an essential service in the same way as the Ambulance and Fire Service are essential and there should be no cuts to their budgets.

"As always, it is the victims that suffer and end up paying the price for Government failures but no matter what, it is important to keep on fighting for justice and never give up."

Funding of £4m had been set aside to pay for 17 officers, including 12 from other parts of the UK, to investigate the Bloody Sunday killings.

The probe is headed by Detective Chief Inspector Ian Harrison, who last week contacted family members to tell them 12 of the 17 officers are leaving the investigation this month.

The PSNI faces multimillion-pound budget cuts, partly due to political stalemate over controversial welfare reform which is threatening Stormont.

The decision to cut back the inquiry is set to be challenged at the High Court in Belfast.

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