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John Kelly: Murdering Bloody Sunday soldiers should be in prison already


The brother of a man shot dead on Bloody Sunday has said the soldier responsible for his death is a murderer who should already be languishing in jail.

On January 30, 1972, John Kelly's 17-year-old brother Michael was fatally injured as he stood in front of Rossville Flats in Londonderry when the Parachute Regiment opened fire on a civil rights march.

Fourteen people died and others were injured.

Last night Mr Kelly told the Belfast Telegraph he was delighted to see a report in a Sunday newspaper detailing how up to 20 retired soldiers are to be arrested and questioned by police in relation to murder, attempted murder and criminal injury.

Mr Kelly said this should have happened in 2010 following publication of the Saville report, which concluded that all those who died on Bloody Sunday were innocent victims.

"This should have happened directly after Saville, which proved our people were murdered," he said.

"In respect of Soldier F who killed Michael, he was responsible for four murders."

Mr Kelly (64), an education and outreach officer at the Free Derry museum in the Bogside, said DUP MP Gregory Campbell's statement about the matter, including that prosecution of the soldiers "could prove disastrous in how our society deals with the past," is without merit.

"He's talking a load of rubbish. It had nothing to do with the peace process, justice has to be seen to be done," Mr Kelly said.

"My brother is no different to anyone else murdered in the Troubles."

Mr Kelly said he believes the Bloody Sunday soldiers "should already be languishing in jail for what they did".

"It is ridiculous to have to wait this length of time," he added.

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