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Bobby Storey: IRA chief of intelligence is a close ally of Adams

By Staff Reporter

A former IRA commander, Storey is now the northern chairman of Sinn Fein and a close ally of party leader Gerry Adams.

Last year Storey was arrested by detectives investigating the murder and abduction of Jean McConville in 1972.

He was questioned at Antrim Serious Crime Suite before being released without charge.

The 58-year-old west Belfast man is widely believed to have been the IRA's head of intelligence before the organisation formally ceased military operations in 2005.

He spent a total of 20 years in jail, most of the time awaiting trial on various charges.

Within republican circles Storey is regarded as a master spy.

He is credited with playing a crucial role in the biggest prison break in British penal history, the 1983 escape of 38 republican inmates from the Maze.

He was questioned about the 2002 theft of security files from the Special Branch headquarters at Castlereagh police station and about the 2004 Northern Bank robbery.

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