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Bomb alert disruption to rugby fans ‘was minimal’

By Clare Weir

Translink says it managed to avert major disruption for rugby fans following the weekend closure of part of the Belfast to Dublin railway line because of a bomb alert.

Over 1,200 rugby fans planning to travel by train to Dublin to support Ireland in their bid to retain the Triple Crown were forced to rearrange their plans at the last minute because of a series of security alerts on Friday.

Translink had to cancel three special trains following bomb scares, but the firm said it laid on 17 extra coaches on top of their normal cross-border bus service.

A spokeswoman told the Belfast Telegraph that it was too early to predict how many rugby fans would be claiming a promised refund on tickets for the scrapped special service trains. “At this stage, despite the short notice cancellations, we are not aware of any major or widespread disruption for rugby fans,” she said.

“A lot of fans who were planning to use public transport obviously changed those plans and while there was obviously inconvenience, we believe people who intended to make the game did so.

On Friday, alerts caused disruption across Londonderry, Ballymena, Newry and Belfast.

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