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Boy’s eye glued shut during hospital treatment

A six-year-old boy was left blind in one eye for almost a week after a surgical glue applied by a nurse to close a head wound dripped into his eye.

Lewis Farrell screamed in agony as the glue closed his eye shut during treatment at a hospital casualty unit for a cut forehead sustained in a playground fall.

His mother Becky Lewis told how she fears the child may suffer permanent damage to his sight after the hospital blunder.

She accused staff at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham of being more interested in covering up for what they had done than apologising for the error.

“The nurse asked Lewis to sit upright before squirting glue on to his head. She made no effort to stop the glue dripping down,” Ms Lewis said.

“Then as she turned around, it dripped into his eye. They should have realised something like this could have happened.

“Since the incident, Lewis has woken up most nights suffering from nightmares.”

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