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Border hopping: UK businesses are looking for bases in the Republic ahead of Brexit

John Simpson: Republic's economic risks can also impact on us in Northern Ireland 

Each year the Republic's government publishes a well-researched Draft National Risk Assessment, bringing together a wide-ranging assessment of the threats to the Irish economy. There is little surprise that top of the geopolitical risks the Irish government lists are the consequences of the departure of the UK from the EU. This is followed by a section highlighting the risks of (economic) instability in Northern Ireland.

Controversial figure: Boris Johnson

Sex, lies and Downing Street... why Boris is odds-on to be the next PM despite promiscuity 

It's a universally acknowledged point that the Republic has changed dramatically in recent decades - the latest referendum to liberalise divorce being further evidence. And so it has changed. But so has everywhere else. I find it difficult to equate the sleek, sophisticated Russian females of the present generation as being from the same gene pool as the stern Soviet baboushkas I encountered in the 1980s and 90s.


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