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Antrim hurling star tells of realities of a hard Brexit border

Terence McNaughton
Terence McNaughton
John Campbell

By John Campbell

Antrim hurling hero Terence McNaughton will warn of the implications of a no-deal Brexit in tonight's episode of The Game, RTE's hurling documentary.

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Discussing the Antrim hurlers' surprise arrival in the 1989 All-Ireland hurling final against Tipperary on Morning Ireland, McNaughton recalled the realities of a hard border back in the Seventies and Eighties.

He said: "When I started hurling with the county, you had to be aware of crossing the border and checkpoints and soldiers coming on to the bus. Every night you went out the door you were guaranteed you were going to be stopped.

"It's hard to believe now but I remember us having security guards when we trained and had scout cars going ahead of the bus at times.

"Travelling to and from matches just wasn't safe. We all know the stories of the Miami Showband going over the border."

McNaughton added that it was an era when parents didn't want their children "travelling over borders" at night if they were coming back from a hurling match.

"But for me, the game became more important to you because it was your identity and the love for the game just trumped everything," he said.

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