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Boris Johnson claim on tariffs draws cheers at EU TV debate

By Arj Singh

European countries would be "insane" to impose taxes on UK exports if it leaves the EU, Boris Johnson has said.

In front of a boisterous 6,000-strong audience at Wembley Arena for the BBC's showpiece referendum debate, Mr Johnson insisted it was "extraordinary" to suggest European Union countries would impose tariffs on UK goods.

The former London Mayor said the UK buys so many products from Europe that the countries that sell them would never erect trade barriers.

Mr Johnson drew cheers from the crowd, saying: "I must say that I think that it was extraordinary to hear that we would have tariffs imposed on us because everybody knows that this country receives about a fifth of Germany's entire car manufacturing output - 820,000 vehicles a year.

"Do you seriously suppose that they are going to be so insane as to allow tariffs to be imposed between Britain and Germany?"

But hitting back, London Mayor Sadiq Khan claimed Vote Leave's own chief economic adviser predicted manufacturing would be "eliminated" in the UK if it left the EU.

He added a vote to remain would mean better-off families lower prices, more secure jobs and the protection of staff rights.

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