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Boris Johnson's Brexit deal has 'thrown Northern Ireland people to wolves', says UUP peer

Lord Rogan
Lord Rogan

By Staff Reporter

An Ulster Unionist peer has said Boris Johnson "threw the people of Northern Ireland to the wolves" with his Brexit deal, while few Conservative MPs care about the province.

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Lord Rogan also described the "utter distaste" shared by politicians here for the Prime Minister's "wretched Brexit deal".

Speaking in the House of Lords, Lord Rogan said that the outcome of the current Stormont talks was now in the gift of the DUP and Sinn Fein.

He added: "Having had the pleasure of visiting various different parts of Northern Ireland over the festive period, I can report frustration at the failure of these two parties to agree has reached even greater heights."

Lord Rogan cited the growing crisis in the NHS as one of the primary reasons why devolution must be urgently restored.

He said that the withdrawal agreement Boris Johnson had negotiated with the EU "threw the people of Northern Ireland to the wolves".

He added: "Despite his repeated public denials that he would treat the province any differently from the rest of the UK after Brexit, he has chosen to do exactly that.

"There will now be a trade barrier down the Irish Sea and higher costs for consumers and businesses. The Prime Minister chose to renege on his promises, repeated many times, that Northern Ireland would not be treated differently from the rest of the kingdom. But there are no votes for him in Northern Ireland.

"I am sorry to say that, with the exception of a small number in the Conservative Party in the House of Commons, its members there now care little about Northern Ireland."

Lord Rogan concluded that, despite other policy differences, "one subject that unites Northern Ireland politicians is their utter distaste for the Prime Minister's wretched Brexit deal as it affects Northern Ireland."

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