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DUP 'make the difference' as Theresa May's Government survives no confidence vote

Majority of 19 secures Government victory

Jonathan Bell

By Jonathan Bell

MPs rejected Labour’s motion of no confidence in Theresa May’s Government by 325 votes to 306 - a majority 19 - with the DUP highlighting just how crucial their votes were to the Prime Minister.

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Theresa May said her cross-party meetings would begin immediately on Wednesday night with party leaders on finding a way through the deadlock and reaching agreement on a Brexit deal. Jeremy Corbyn called on the Prime Minister to take a no-deal departure off the table.

Nigel Dodds pointed out how crucial DUP MPs were in the vote. Had they voted in favour of the motion, the Prime Minister would have lost by one vote and there would have been a General Election.

The North Belfast MP said the DUP's 10 votes made the difference. Independent Lady Sylvia Hermon - the only other Northern Ireland MP in the Commons - also voted in support of the Government.

"The results illustrates the importance of the confidence and supply arrangement that is currently in place," he told the Commons.

One MP could be heard responding "and the billion quid that goes with it". An MP also waved a bank card at the MP.

An MP waved a credit card at Mr Dodds during his remarks.

Mr Dodds continued: "I am always delighted when out our opponents illustrate the strength of that relationship and what it delivers for Northern Ireland.

"And when the people of Northern Ireland see that investment in education and health and infrastructure they will thank this party and this government for that extra investment."

He added: "The confidence and supply arrangement is built upon delivering Brexit on the basis of our shared priorities and for us that is the Union and we want to deliver Brexit taking back control of our laws, our border and our money and we leave the EU as one country.

"Let us work in the coming days to achieve that objective," he said to nods from the Prime Minister.

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