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DUP's Wilson panned for ‘go to chippy’ remark in Brexit food shortage debate


The DUP has been criticised after telling people to "go to the chippy instead" if there were food shortages caused by a no-deal Brexit.

Sammy Wilson was described on Twitter as the "Marie Antoinette of our times" after his "let them eat cake" moment.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said she was angry at the comments from the bench behind her during last night's Commons debate. Ms Lucas had intervened during a speech by the SNP's Westminster leader Ian Blackford to say: "I'm grateful for him giving way and he's making a very powerful case for what no deal will look like, and amongst that he said that there could be food shortages, and crucially that food prices could go up.

"Does he share my anger with the voices behind me that he perhaps didn't hear, but when he was talking about food prices going up and the fact there could be food shortages, the people behind me were saying, 'Well let them go to the chippy instead?'

"Does he share my anger about the way our constituents would be affected by a no deal?"

Mr Blackford replied: "I'm sorry to hear that that was a remark that was made.

"You know this is a really important debate and I think there is a responsibility that we take these matters seriously, each and every one of us."

SDLP MLA Nichola Mallon said Mr Wilson's comment "shows how far removed the DUP are from the hardships facing families".

DUP MP Gavin Robinson said the remark should "not be taken too seriously".

"I wasn't there, I didn't hear it but all I'm saying is I wouldn't take it to o seriously," the East Belfast MP said. "If it was said, it was said in humour and I'm sure it was received as such."

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