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Irish border solution not beyond wit of man, says Boris Johnson

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said a solution to the question of the Irish border following the UK's separation from the European Union will be found.

The Tory minister said it was "not beyond the wit of man" to find agreement.

It comes after EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier described the UK's proposals on the border as "worrying and unfair".

"I think we can all work together to come up with a solution on that one. It is not beyond the wit of man," Mr Johnson told the Press during a trip to Estonia to meet other foreign ministers.

"We've had a common travel area between the north and the south of Ireland for getting on for a century and we're going to continue to make that work."

He said he was "rock solid" confident a deal with the EU will be agreed but said the talks should include matters on the arrangements the two have after Brexit.

The EU has said the UK's plans for the Irish border would represent it having all the benefits of staying in the single market. It has said that any agreement on the border must uphold peace, the Good Friday Agreement and respect the right for all born on the island to be British or Irish citizens, or both. However, the 27-country bloc has said it is up to the UK to find that solution.

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